School Events
•  Labor Day-No School

Organizations Events
•  Student Council Officer speeches due by 8am  (Student Council)
Time: 8:00 AM
9/9/2015 to 9/11/2015
•  Student Council Officer campaigning  (Student Council)
Time: 7:05 AM
Recurrence: Daily from 9/9/2015 to 9/11/2015
Tech Links Website for K-5
(HCS) - There's a new home for websites helping students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  The website encompasses...

For the past two years, Gwin Elementary has partnered with Neverthirst to help build fresh water wells in underdeveloped countries;...
Photo of the families with the hand pump.

Today, our 2014-2015 Finley Award winners were announced. Congratulations to our winners! Kindergarten      ...
Finley Award Winners

The Gwin Unicycle Team performed at Hoover High School on Saturday, January 24, at halftime and at Samford University this past...