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Gwin Partners with NeverThirst... Again!!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

[An email from Neverthirst's Executive Director:]

Dear Gwin Elementary,

In 2008, when we heard that approximately 1 BILLION people on the planet lacked access to clean and safe drinking water, we almost didn’t believe it.  It’s hard to even  imagine because 1 BILLION is such a large number.

But later that year in Sudan, we came face to face with the individuals who live this reality daily.  Dirty water and poor sanitation is the cause of death for over 1,800 children each day.  We found ourselves praying over the beds of children who were slowly passing away from dehydration caused by diarrhea, and it was no longer just a number.  These children had names, and they had moms, dads, brothers and sisters.

It was because of this experience and our belief in the local church that Neverthirst was born.  We became committed to working alongside the local church to see them care for the poor through clean water and sanitation.  We became committed to using clean water as a tool to engage the lost as a practical expression of the love of Christ.

Your generous stewardship has made our mission possible.  You have played a major role in transforming lives as we join together to advance the gospel through clean water worldwide.  This is amazing, and we are so thankful for your partnership in this gospel work - and the churches we work with thank you for your partnership as well.

Your project has made it possible for 19 families to receive clean water - some for the first time in their lives.  But more importantly, they have also received the opportunity to give glory to God for His amazing provision.  

From all of us at Neverthirst - THANK YOU!


Mark Whitehead

Executive Director, Neverthirst

India Completed Project Report
India state
Donor Name
Gwin Elementary
Date report completed
Hand pump ID number
Total drilling depth feet
Total casing pipes feet
Volume of water collected in a bucket in 40 strokes measured in litres
Hand pump depth in feet
Soak pit completed choose one option
Connected to sealed sewer
Water test results
Water is safe and meets Indian Government standards
Click the link to see the location of your project on google maps
Estimated total number of families who collect water in a day
families who gave to repair fund
Village project committee name of person responsible for repair
Gopal manhji
Repair person phone number
Local Mechanic name
Suresh mistri
Mechanic phone number
For the new hand pump how long does it take to walk collect water and walk home
Less than 30 minutes
Old water source
Testimony from a women and her name
"I am Kiran Devi, 35years old, and I have been living in this village for the last 20 years. I have  have 4 children and my husband is a daily laborer. We belong to the dalet community and are exploited by other communities. Before this hand pump we had a government hand pump but we were not allowed to take water from the community well, so we would drink water from the open well. Thank you for installing this hand pump in our tola. Now we can get water when we need it."
Picture of a woman you received testimony from
Testimony from the Pastor and name
"I am Mrs. Babita Devi, and I am working as a missionary with a church planting network here. I work among women in the village often and see their fight for water. The Pastor told me about neverthirst, and I informed the community to form the group. Initially they refused to give money for repair fund and later they agreed. Then we were able to complete the application and then a hand pump was put in this village. I am happy to see their face with happiness to have safe drinking water and I want to thank the team and those who helped get a well put in this village."
Picture of the Pastor you received testimony from
Close up photo of the plaque
Photo of families at the hand pump next to plaque
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